By enrolling in The Fellowship of the Frog, I understand...

I will automatically receive four scheduled shipments throughout each calendar year.

I am certifying that I am 21 years of age or older. 

Taxes will be applied as required by local and state laws.

Featured wines and prices are subject to change.

My credit card will be charged prior to the ship date of each FellowShipment.

My member benefits are immediately active and are non-transferable.

My FellowShipments will be shipped by either FedEx or UPS; Frog's Leap will make every attempt to honor carrier preference, if known. Shipping charges will apply for each FellowShipment, as determined by destination address.

I can register with FedEx Delivery Manager and UPS My Choice for best visibility and control over my deliveries. I can request one carrier over the other, if I have a preference. 

It is my responsibility to ensure receipt of four 'FellowShipment Details' emails each year (sent from and note the important contained dates and deadlines that pertain to each scheduled FellowShipment. Frog's Leap may not be able to honor requests received after the stated deadlines. 

I am responsible for the delivery of my packages and providing change of address information. Additional fees will apply if a package must be redirected or if any additional carrier services are needed once in route. 

Someone over the age of 21 must sign for packages containing wine. If my FellowShipment can't be delivered, return and reshipping fees will apply. 

I can cancel my membership, in writing, after receiving one shipment. 

Frog's Leap cannot be held responsible for delivery delays beyond the winery's reasonable control due to circumstances such as extreme weather, natural disasters, carrier errors, etc.